UniLUG: United LUGs

UniLUG (n): Meta-project (group) to build links between LUGs and promote common causes.

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What is UniLUG?

UniLUG is a project to create communication and organizational links between Linux Users Groups (and other free software groups with similar interests).  There are many groups across the world, and one of the strengths of the user group community is in their independence and their diversity.  But there are issues common to all such groups, and a need to establish permanent communication links between as many groups as possible.  The UniLUG project has been started to create these links and facilitate working in unison on common goals.  We will also be holding multi-LUG/FSG events at places where group members gather.

How do I join?

Ideally, your LUG decides to participate in something UniLUG is doing.  UniLUG is more of a support organization than what you'd think of as a LUG.

If you want to volunteer, we'd like you to be a member of a "normal" Linux/Free-Software Group first. If you're not in a LUG now, you should look for one near you that you can attend in-person.  If there are no LUGs nearby, you might consider joining NYLUG or SVLUG (or both), either of which allow you to be a member by joining their mailing list.

General Meetings:

Generally speaking, UniLUG's not that kind of LUG.  We may hold pseduo-LUG meetings at some events, and there may be some volunteer or coordinator meetings held in an on-line medium.

What is UniLUG doing?

UniLUG will be building on last year's successful LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. Linux/Free Software/Open Source Groups wishing to participate should subscribe to our LinuxWorld NY 2003 mailing list. Confirmed participants:

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